Support Event

When you order 12 or more shirts at the same time you get 25% off the order and still get free shipping in the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).  We’re happy to work something out for folks in Alaska and Hawaii.
Please allow some extra time for Support Event orders.  At this time, 30 days advance notice works well but we’ll go as fast as we can.

Examples of Support Events:

A family or extended family members want to support a sick person in the family.
A fundraiser for a school or church/place of worship group.
A group of friends want to support a friend training to run their first marathon, climb a mountain or mountains, complete a triathlon etc.
A group of friends want to support a friend going through a divorce.
Classmates want to support a sick friend.
Classmates want to support a friend trying to accomplish something great.
A fundraiser event.
A workplace event in support of a coworker.
A workplace team.
A celebration.
A group of friends want to accomplish a goal together such as weight loss, get in better shape etc.
Rehabilitation groups.
Support groups.
Team or club sports or other clubs.

Please feel free to let us know about your event.

(We reserve the right to refrain from selling any products to anyone for any event which may be a group or event used to hurt or intimidate anyone else)
We hope that goes without saying but now we’ve said it.

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