About Us

Why “Every Minute Stronger?"

In most years, there are 365 days or 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes.  We have many more opportunities during our lifetimes to choose positive actions or thoughts when we live our lives by the minute.  The minute that just passed is now history and here is a new minute for us to develop into the moment we want. 

We’ve all probably encountered times in our lives where hope, optimism, and resilience feel out of reach.  Like we’ve lost the things we once took for granted or others seem to have in abundance. 

Even the greatest athlete has had doubts, fears, and setbacks.  We’ve all made decisions we wish we could reverse either the moment we made them or later upon reflection.  Many of us have faced personal loss or watched helplessly as the people in our lives have struggled with adversity, illness, injury, or aging.  Often, we set goals for wellness, fitness, or improving our relationships that can seem overwhelming to achieve from where we currently stand.  Thinking about our next minute gives us a place to start.

A minute is an amount of time which we can endure and we can decide to take our first steps towards healing, growing, improving, and achieving who we want to be.

Stronger is a mindset. 

Whether we’re trying to accomplish a goal, dig out of a place, or overcome adversity for ourselves or others, stronger is often our wish and hope.

It’s our wish for ourselves when we struggle or stumble, it’s our hope for others when we feel helpless as we wish we could somehow bear their burden.

Stronger is our wish for our babies in the NICU struggling for each minute.  Our hope is to perpetuate an atmosphere of strength and support as that baby gets stronger each minute.

Stronger is our hope for our children as they grow, physically and emotionally.

When we help others to become stronger we in turn become stronger.

When we make decisions we’re proud of, we become stronger.

We can forgive ourselves for the minute that has passed, unrealized, and initiate change in the minute that is here now.

When we look at others and see the strength inside them, they become stronger.

When we heal, we are stronger.

As we cope with loss, we become stronger.

Wherever we’re starting, we can be stronger-- and we are stronger-- when we help others physically, mentally, and emotionally.

At some point, many of us may feel some loss of community.  Our loved ones may be sick, injured, hurting, or struggling.  We’re seeing the grip of opioid addiction.  Many of our military are struggling with PTSD. None of us are immune to illness, injury, or loss.

We don’t always know who is facing a challenge or what their challenge may be.  We want to help in some small way.

We designed our products with the wearer in mind.  Whether we need a boost ourselves, as we are working through our own challenges or struggles, or when we wear them to show someone we support that we are thinking of them and wish them strength, hope, optimism, and resilience, our design is to remind us that we all just need to focus on the next minute.  If we can endure this minute, we have the opportunity to design our next minute.